Starting ‘Bad Blood’ *No Not the Taylor Swift Song*

Ever since, a year or so back, first hearing about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos I’ve been obsessed.  From Madoff, to Stephen A. Cohen I’m thoroughly captivated by a good high-end scandal that fools thousands.  I see little tiny scams happen every day, from telemarketing calls to banks some kind of agenda is always being pushed and not for my benefit.  However, the Elizabeth Holmes scandal seemed of the same cloth but yet different.  I suppose the idea of a female CEO is already something I read up on continuously and hope that sector grows and grows, so when I started hearing about Holmes physical changing, altering her voice, wearing turtlenecks to obsessively BECOME Steve Jobs (her idol) I knew this book ‘Bad Blood’ by John Carreyrou was a must-read.  After reading a tremendous article by GQ I was inspired to start reading more and mainly non-fiction in a new journey to constantly progress in fields of knowledge and not just storytelling.  Have not started the book yet but listened to the podcast ‘Drop Out’ and watched the HBO special, so I’m well versed.  Will give you Jammers an update after finishing!

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