I don’t drink coffee I take tea, my dear

Sting, the police, nothing like the sun, englishman in new york

Walking through NY have you ever felt out of place?  Suddenly, you realize that everyone here is out of place.  Just a melting pot of confidence and uncertainty at the same time?  Culture and art melding together to create a mosaic of the “New Yorker” mentality?  Hardly captivated so perfectly then on Sting’s brilliant second solo album …Nothing Like the Sun.  “Englishman in New York” meshes all insecurities of what being a man might be in a city where it’s hard to know yourself.  The track ends in confidence upon realization; the fact that he’s British and is different is preciously why he fits in here as he fades out with the mantra “Be yourself no matter what they say”


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